Our Services

Seal Tech Concrete offers a wide variety of services from epoxy, waterproofing membranes, parkade floor coatings, balcony coatings to driveway sealing. You can expect nothing less than exceptional services from us due to our professional workmanship, high-grade equipment, and experienced staff.

The services that we offer include:

  • Industrial and commercial floor coating systems
  • Garage floor coatings
  • Driveway Sealing
  • High-Rise and Parkade Systems
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Concrete grinding
  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Acid staining
  • Quartz flooring systems

We’ve built a great reputation in the concrete floor coatings market through years of delivering quality epoxy flooring coating install services, on time, with competitive pricing throughout Edmonton, Alberta since 2004.

Balcony Coatings

Exterior Non-Slip Balcony Deck Coating
Bare concrete balconies really show damage due to being exposed to weather elements especially here in the city of Edmonton Alberta. Our balcony deck coating systems will ensure waterproofing, durability and long life of all high rise and low rise apartment buildings and commercial buildings.

Deck surfaces – especially outdoor decks and balconies – are exposed to significant wear and tear, caused by everything from normal foot traffic to natural weathering especially Edmonton winters.

For any concrete balcony deck surface, having a slip-resistant, anti-skid coating should be a primary consideration in addition to durability and erosion resistance.
Elastomeric balcony deck coatings are ideal for meeting these requirements.

Adequate and effective waterproofing is also essential in order to prevent substrate damage as a result of liquid seepage from both water and chemicals. For waterproofing, a urethane-based elastomeric coating is ideal.

Often, a textured balcony coating pattern is useful for disguising or camouflaging imperfections in the surface of a substrate.

Parkade Coatings

Underground parking for car lighting and asphalt coatingParking structures/ parkades have a crucial role to play as the first point of call for a visitor to any public, private or commercial building.

By utilizing the very best of protective coating systems on the internal structure of the parking and drive thru area as well as any exposed parking deck areas.

Parking decks are negatively affected by wear and abrasion, aggressive chemical agents, water and salt intrusion, harmful atmospheric agents and extreme temperature variations.

All our deck coating systems are two-component, flexible polyurethane system designed to provide an elastomeric waterproofing membrane for heavy to light traffic areas in all parking decks whether it is below grade above grade or exterior.

What we do before quoting parking structures:

  • Condition evaluation
  • Environmental assessment (Moisture vapor testing)
  • Identification of protection options (epoxy, polyurethane, Membrane waterproofing etc.)
  • Comparison of protective coating life requirements

Driveway Sealing

Private drive way, street rehabilitation and slurry seal projectSeal Tech Concrete is the ONLY company offering driveway concrete sealing with HOT stream pressure washing, we have the best rates and experience in town guaranteed with over 800+ referrals throughout the city by our yearly and biyearly clients.

Protecting your driveway by having our sealing systems will prolong the life and look of your driveway. We use only the best quality concrete sealers.

High gloss is never a good idea to apply to your concrete driveway as it is only a cosmetic and not a great protector.

Our driveway sealing systems will never flake or discolor. We install water resistant sealers (solvent based) to protect and still have a nice gloss and the same time protecting your driveway.

Control Joints Filling

Sealing joint, crack in asphalt or concrete surfacWhen building or renovating a warehouse or other facility, the concrete floor is always a large consideration. Is is thick enough, is it properly reinforced, and is it sealed are common concerns. However, concrete joint filling should be just as much a consideration as these items as it protects the concrete from serious damage.

The best way to prevent damaged concrete at the joints and extensive concrete repair is with concrete joint filling. Professionally filling the control and expansion joints is essential preventing joint spalls and unraveling.

Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Epoxy flooring painting for water proof on roof slabConcrete grinding and concrete polishing is the term used to describe the process of smoothing down rough concrete surfaces to reveal a shiny smooth surface.

There are a number of benefits to concrete grinding and polishing for floors in commercial and industrial applications. There are many advantages that polished concrete floors offers. concrete grinding and polishing is a long term concrete flooring solution.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

epoxy grout and finish wet concreteEpoxy floors offer a reliable and durable surface for commercial and industrial flooring. Epoxy floor coatings are normally applied over concrete floors to provide a high performance, smooth and durable surface that can last many years or withstand heavy loads. Many industrial buildings, warehouses, and commercial buildings require to have epoxy floors as they need to maintain the floors in perfect conditions, and the only way or easiest way is by having epoxy floors.

Epoxy floor coatings are hard wearing and durable solutions for both commercial and industrial flooring. These floor coatings can be applied over concrete floors to provide a high performance, attractive surface. At Advanced Environmental Services, our epoxy flooring experts have experience installing epoxy floor coatings for a variety of commercial and industrial buildings including in industrial manufacturing plants, commercial facilities, warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings, food and beverage plants, laboratories, and more.

Epoxy is a material that act as a sealant for concrete floors. It is hard wearing and durable. Some of the advantages of epoxy flooring are as follows:

  • Control concrete dusting
  • Protect concrete from wear
  • Easy wash ability
  • Reduce lighting usage and more.


Hot Pressure Washing

If you are looking to clean up your concrete from hard and dirty stains then you must try doing hot pressure concrete washing. It is one of the best ways to clean the dirty concrete roads, floors or pathways. This technique is so much effective that the cleaned concrete starts to look like a new concrete layer. Our services include best hot pressure concrete washing to give you high-quality cleaning results in very less time.

Learn more about it:

  • Benefits of using our hot pressure concrete washing
  • Fast and Reliable concrete washing
  • We ensure concrete safety and long term quality

For your queries regarding our services, please call Seal Tech Concrete today at 780-231-4171