Floor Water Proofing and Hot Pressure Washing for Protection

How to protect your Floors using Concrete Floor Water Proofing, and Hot Pressure Concrete Washing?

To increase your asset’s life and safety, you have to do proper arrangements for it. Everyone knows that water is the most common reason which results in the damage to our floors, balconies, rooftops, and decks. So to save them from water and also from sunlight, it is necessary to have a layer of protective materials on them. But the most affected place by all these factors is our floors. Floors are generally most exposed to the harsh conditions like vehicles, pedestrian and sometimes to the grease and other chemicals too. To protect the floors from unwanted damages and clean up them from dirty stains, there are two processes which are most effective in this and both are listed below with details.


Concrete Floor Water Proofing

This process includes coating the concrete with a waterproof layer such as a thick layer of sealant or epoxy material. This provides the concrete a certain resistance to the water. The water will always stay on the coated layer and never come under the concrete. It increases the life of concrete and saves it from the water damages and humidity. Concrete floor waterproofing can be done on the floors, slabs, and rooftops to save them from unnecessary water. This layer can be installed on any complex space and even on the corners to fully protect them from any corner leakages and damages.


Hot pressure Concrete Washing

This technique is mostly used in industrial concrete floors, public walk areas, and concrete roads too. By using this method, your floors become free from dirty stains and shine like a new build concrete floor. This technique is effective to remove the toughest stains like grease, paints, etc. It is done with the help of a cleaning machine which throws high-temperature water on a certain pressure towards the dirty floor. With this level of pressure, the water can easily remove any type of stains and marks from the concrete floor. The pressure of the water is so high that it can remove the bacteria from the floor and totally sterilize it from all the germs.
Both the techniques are highly effective to protect our floors from external hazards and increase their lives. If you are also looking for the best concrete washing and coating service then you can choose the best services provided by Seal Tech Concrete.