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Floor Water Proofing and Hot Pressure Washing for Protection

How to protect your Floors using Concrete Floor Water Proofing, and Hot Pressure Concrete Washing? To increase your asset’s life and safety, you have to do proper arrangements for it. Everyone knows that water is the most common reason which results in the damage to our floors, balconies, rooftops, and decks. So to save them … Continue reading

What Is Garage Floor Coating?

What Is Garage Floor Coating? A garage floor could be coated with paint or an Epoxy coating. In both cases the garage becomes transformed into a good-looking and functional extension of your home. A painted garage floor offers a variety of colour and/or design while the Epoxy coating offers extreme strength and durability. A bare … Continue reading

What and Why Epoxy Flooring

WHAT IS EPOXY? Epoxy is a material used to coat your floor and comes with several advantages. Most importantly, epoxy will harden your floor, making it more durable. It can also make your floor slip resistant, more aesthetically pleasing, impact resistant, and even anti-static and flame resistant. It is an excellent idea for any floor, … Continue reading